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Student and Teacher Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities:

Under the heading of “dedicated practice” on the part of the student, the following are the responsibilities of the successful learner:

1.  Attendance: Students should arrive on time, have all appropriate materials, and come to class with energy and focus, ready to participate.

2. Notebook:  All students should have a three ring notebook or similarly organized binder for this class. Note taking both in class and while reading homework assignments will be an extremely important component of success in this class. A teaching technique frequently used to stimulate discussion will be asking you to write for the first five minutes of class on a subject taken from the previous night’s assignment. This in-class work is open-note, so having a good notebook is essential.

3. Assignments: It is important to finish readings and assignments on time and to be prepared to talk about them in class. This class will only be as interesting as you make it because much of it will be discussion oriented. You will have reading assignments for each week. If you are given written homework to accompany the reading, any assignment not turned in on time will be marked down 10% for each day it is late. If you miss a class with a legitimate excuse, your assignment is due on the day you return to class.

4. Pop Quizzes: To reinforce the idea that daily dedicated practice, meaningful feedback, and recursive learning are the keys to success, pop quizzes of 5-10 minutes in length will be given periodically. These quizzes will be open-note and could be on any aspect of the course that has been covered to that point. Come prepared every day. Come exam time it will be much easier if you have stayed up-to-date with your reviews rather than try to cram at the last minute. The final exam will cover material from the entire semester.

Teacher Responsibilities

  1. Come to class prepared and energetic: As I expect you to come to class a give a good daily effort, I will endeavor to do the same.
  1. Provide meaningful feedback: In order for you to improve, you must receive from the instructor timely and meaningful feedback on your work. I will do my best to return work quickly and with good comments.
  1. Create a good atmosphere for learning and discussion:  In order to create an environment in which you listen to each other and treat your classmates with respect, I will endeavor to do the same.
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