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Honor Code

St. Albans Honor Code

Recognizing that honesty is of primary importance in an educational institution, St. Albans requires its students to observe an Honor Code in all aspects of School life. Lying, cheating, and stealing are violations of the Code; violators make themselves liable to expulsion. Any student who has violated the Code is expected to report his offense to a member of the Student Council or of the faculty. Any student who has knowledge of a violation should speak to the offender and ask him to report himself as soon as possible. If the offender fails to do so, the student is urged to report him to a member of the Student Council, the Dean of Students, or a member of the faculty.

Cities and Civilizations Plagiarism Policy

We all work under the conditions set forth by the St. Albans Honor Code and should carry on our studies with the highest personal integrity. I encourage you to use your peers to discuss material and study for tests. However, work is not to be purchased, revised or copied from another student, neither should it be otherwise received, edited, or engineered from any source and then submitted as your own unless that source is specifically cited. When answering questions based on readings, you should use the information learned from the reading to write your own informed answer; do not just rearrange words from the text. Violation of this policy may result in an honor offense.

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