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Being a Good Classmate

What Does a Good Classmate Do?

  1. Realizes that everyone needs to pull in the same direction
      • Follows class rules so that no one’s energy is sapped worrying about discipline issues.
      • Listens intently when anyone in the class – particularly the teacher –  is talking. BE A GOOD LISTENER.
      • Takes direction from teacher without questioning it in class. Follows up with the teacher afterwards about any concerns.
      • Is a positive social presence in the room immediately before and after class.
      • Doesn’t do anything that separates himself from the group
  1. Does not draw attention to himself
  • Subordinates his needs for the good of the class.
  • Does not talk about himself and his performance good or bad in front of his classmates.
  • Keeps his composure during class so as not to make the entire group have to react to his emotional thermometer.
  1. Makes the class about the group’s learning experience not about his performance
  1. Makes his effort about improving his classmates, not himself.
  • Works hard on his studies as an example to others, not simply as a way to improve his own grades.
  • Picks up a classmate when he does poorly on an assessment.
  • Is genuinely happy when his classmates do well.
  • Realizes that the more positive energy he puts out toward others, the more he’ll get in return.
  1. Takes responsibility for his poor performance
  • Proactively seeks out his teacher when things are not going well.
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