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Homework for Monday, January 4th

December 18, 2015

For homework over break I would like you to do two things. First you should review the terms, chronologies, and maps from the semester in preparation for the exam. To help you I have attached a list of terms from each unit. Second, please read the chapter from Hanson’s “Carnage and Culture” attached below. Be able to answer the questions and define the terms below.


1. How does dying in a sea battle differ from dying in a land battle?
2. Why was Salamis one of the most deadly battles in naval warfare history?
3. Why did Greeks consider drowning the worst of deaths?
4. How is the story of Pythius the Lydian important to understanding Persian way of thinking?
5. Why do we know almost nothing about the Persian war dead?
6. What are the key differences between the Persian and Greek
– political systems?
– Military?
– economy?
– legal system?
– philosophy?
7. Why did the Greeks have to engage the Persians at Salamis?
8. Why was the concept of freedom the key to Greek victory at Salamis?
9. What are the four parts of freedom for a Greek sailor?
10. What is the legacy of Salamis?


1. Proskynesis
2. Bandaka
3. Eleutheria
4. Politeia
5. Kerdos
6. Kleros
7. Autonomia

Exam term review



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