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Homework for Tuesday, December 15th

December 14, 2015

Continue with The Histories. Read through page 97 and the beginning of Book VIII. Use the following study questions to help take notes. Be ready to answer them in class on Tuesday.

1. Summarize the exchange between Demaratus and Xerxes in section #4. How does it exemplify the differences in cosmogony between the Persians and the Greeks?
2. Why does Herodotus think Athens played such a key role in outcome of the Persian Wars? What decision does Themistocles make that is crucial to their eventual victory?
3. What is significant about the fact that Leonidas elite fighting force were “all of them fathers with sons living”?
4. What does Xerxes make of the Spartan battle preparations?
5. Why was fighting in a narrow mountain pass advantageous to the Spartans?
6. What role does Ephialtes of Malis play in the Spartan defeat?
7. Why does Leonidas believe that his death at Thermopylae will ultimately save Sparta?
8. Note the treatment of Leonidas’ body. What does it remind you of?
9. What is instructive about the stories of Aristodemus, Eurytus, and Pantites?
10. How do the post-Thermopylae battle strategies of Demaratus and Achaemenes differ?

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