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Homework for Monday, December 14th

December 10, 2015

Tonight you will return to Herodotus. Please review your notes on who he is and from what perspective he writes. Remember he is the author of On Babylon . Another of his great works is The Histories which is attached below. It is his account of the Persian Wars.Read pgs. 79-88. Use these questions as a reading guide and be ready to discuss them in class. As always take good notes.

Introduction and Lydia

1. What does Herodotus blame for the “ancient enmity” between the Greeks and the Persians?
2. What role does the Oracle of Delphi play in Croesus’ decision to attack the Persians?
3. What advice does Sandanis give Croesus about the Persians?
Ionian Rebellion
4. Contrast the arguments made first by the Persians and then by Dionysius before the sea battle between the Ionians and the Persians,
5. What is netting?

Darius invades

6.What happened to Mardonius’ fleet and army?
7. What does it mean to “give earth and water” to the Persian king?


8. What is the significance of Hippias? Where have we seen him before?
9. What role do the Spartans play at Marathon?
10. What attribute does Miltiades think will save Athens?
11. Describe the Athenian battle formation. How did it contribute to their victory?


12. What role does Mardonius play in Xerxes’ decision to invade Greece?
13. What was Xerxes grand design for world domination?
14. What does Xerxes reaction to the storm destroying his bridge tell us about his cosmogony?
15. What does the expression “Day was thus turned into night” mean?


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