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Homework for Thursday December 3rd

December 1, 2015


First I must admit to you that I made a mistake in class today. In discussing the choice of the ephors, I confused in my mind the way that ephors and the gerousia were chosen. It is the gerousia that is chosen by the Apella shouting, with the ephors locked in the windowless room.

Second for homework tonight, please read the second half of the Plutarch. Take good notes and do the following:

Define these terms:
1. Apothetae
2. Agoge
3. Eiren
4. Krypteia
5. harmosts

Be able to describe in detail:
1. The Spartan institution of marriage.
2. The agoge

Answer these questions:

1. What laws and traditions mentioned in this section further illuminate Lycurgus’ desire to make Sparta a strict meritocracy based on physical strength and mental aptitude?

2. Taken with the stories of Charilaus, Alcander, and Lycurgus’ self-imposed exile what does the story of Lycurgus’ death tell us about the important characteristics of
Spartan leadership?

3. According to Plutarch, what causes the deterioration of the Spartan system?

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