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Homework for Tuesday, November 24th

November 20, 2015

Remember as well that you will have an assessment on the Monday after Thanksgiving break covering chapters 1-11. The exercise will consist of 15-20 short answer questions about the plot and the terms. There will also be two or three passages from the book that I will ask you to identify and describe their significance. You will not be able to use your notes for this assessment.

Tonight please read Chapter 11.


1. Tyrannos
2. Parataxis
3. Skytalides
4. Insouciance
5. Sphagia
6. Katalepsis

Questions and points of emphasis

1. How do the elements of the Spartan agoge reflect their cosmogony?
2. Note Pressfield’s use of epic simile in his battle description.
3. Compare the Spartans and their enemies just before battle
4. What is the significance of “spiking it” or “palming the pine”?
5. What role does hesma phobou play?
6. What do we learn from Leonidas’ post-battle speech?

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