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Homework for Friday, November 20th

November 19, 2015

Read Chapters 8-10


1. Salpinx

2. Hoplon

3. Phobologia

4. Aphobia

5. Esoterike harmonia

6. Exoterike harmonia


1. How would you compare the description of Spartan military training to that of Astakos (Xeo’s hometown) in Chapter 3?

2. How would you compare Leonidas’ behavior and interaction with his troops to Xerxes’?

3. What can you conclude about the Spartan’s reverence for the shield? Why do think it was so important?

4. What is the significance of the phrase “a mind has many rooms”?

5. Why does Bruxieus emphasize the Iliad and the Odyssey with Dio and Xeo?

6. How do the elements of the Spartan agoge reflect their cosmogony?

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