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Homework for Thursday, November 19th

November 17, 2015

For homework, please do the following:

Read chapters 4-7 of Gates of Fire. Continue to underline passages that speak to the larger themes of Greek culture that we have been discussing. Additionally write down the definitions to these terms and consider the questions,


1. Polis
2. Deme
3. Syssitia
4. Eirenes
5. Andreia
6, Phobos
7. Agonisma
8. Trireme
9. Xiphos
10. Ephor
11. Polemarch

Consider these questions

1. What is Sepeia? What parts of the Spartan system are first mentioned here?
2. What lesson about phobos and agonisma are learned from Tripod’s story?
3. How do the episodes of Dimonache’s rape and Xeones punishment parallel each other?
4. What is the relationship among Dienekes, Alexandros, Xeones, and Tripod?
5. According to Bruxieus, what does a man need to conquer phobos?
6. How is the Greek mission to Rhodes and the surrounding city-states emblematic of the greater divide between the Greek and Persian culture?
7. How does the story of Tommy unfurling the map connect to question #5?
8. What does the Iatrokles/Dienekes/Arete story tell us about Spartan values?

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