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Homework for Monday, October 26th

October 23, 2015

Below you will find in three parts a documentary concerning the Legend of the Minotaur. This early Greek myth is an introduction to some of the Greek cosmogony and helps explain perhaps its link to the Minoans. Keep in mind that the story comes from a Greek/Myceneaean tradition and should be seen as a cultural story not of Crete, but of the mainland. The entire documentary is about 25 minutes long. Please watch all three parts and do the following:

1. Develop a basic plot line of the legend including the names of the main characters.
2. Be ready to discuss the following questions in class on Monday

a. What might the legend tell us about the political change that occurred after the explosion at Thera?
b. What role does prophecy play in Greek culture?
c. What does the nature of the Minotaur tell us about Greek cosmogony?
d. How would you compare the relationship between god and man in Greek culture to that of the cultures we have studied in Mesopotamia?

Enjoy!!!! – Part I – Part II – Part III

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