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Homework for Wednesday, October 7th

October 5, 2015


Thank you for the good discussion today about conquering and empire. For tonight I would like you to go back through the three documents we have been reading over the past two weeks: “History of Ancient Mesopotamia”, “The Near East in the Ages of Confusion”, and “The Assyrians and the Persians”. In those readings the following conquering empires were discussed:

1. Akkadian Empire and Sargon
2. Third Dynasty of Ur
3. Amorites
4. Hittites/Kassites
5. Hebrews
6. Assyrians
7. Neo-Babylonians
8. Persians

For each empire mentioned, please look at what tactics (political, economic, cultural) they used to control they lands they conquered. You should make a specific list for each. Where did their tactics fall on the continuum we discussed in class today? Did where they fall on the continuum affect how large an empire they could control? Did it affect how long their empire lasted?

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