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Homework for Friday, October 2

October 1, 2015


For homework, read the attached file and be able to do the following:

1. Put into chronological order the kings and empires mentioned. You should keep a running list as you read with the important dates.

2. Define the bold-faced terms

3. Be able to answer these questions:

a. How did the Assyrian conquerors assert control over their territorial possessions?
b. What important contribution did Ashurbanipal make to the preservation of history?
c. To what does Roberts attribute Assyrian success? To what does he attribute their downfall?
d. What achievements both good and not was Nebuchadnezzar best known for?
e. Why does Roberts call Egypt “a Bronze Age anachronism”?
f. Under Cyrus, how did the Persians maintain control over their territories?
g. To what does Roberts attribute Persian (and Cyrus’) success?

The Assyrians and The Persians Roberts

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