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Homework for Tuesday, September 22

September 21, 2015

Tonight we will shift our focus from cosmogeny and culture to the political history of Mesopotamia. Please do the reading attached below. Read only until page 4 – “The Rise of the Amorites.” Return to the note-taking rubric we used for the secondary sources we read earlier in the month. Use the questions below as a guide and also be ready to define any word that is in boldface. I have added a map to remind you of the places discussed.

1. What is the source of our understanding of the chronological order of Mesopotamian history?
2. Why do historians mark the end of the Mesopotamian period in 332 B.C.E?
3. Why did the era of the city-states start? To what does the author attribute this change?
4. Why is Sargon of Akkad important?
5. Why does the Akkadian system eventually fail? Hint: the answer is NOT “The Gutians”
6. What was unprecedented about the Third Dynasty of Ur?
7. What pattern repeated itself and allowed the Amorites to rise to prominence?

Mesopotamian History


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