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Homework for Thursday, September 17

September 16, 2015

For tonight you should read Tablets 5-7 of the Enuma Elish attached below. Focus on the following:

1. How did Marduk create the earth and all that surrounds it? You should be able to draw a picture and label the elements and the gods that represent them.

2. What do you make of the story of how humans were created? What does that say about the nature of humans?

3. What do you think was the Mesopotamian view on the relationship between humans and their gods?

4. What do you make of all of Marduk’s names?

As we finish our reading of the E-E, you should have compiled in your notes three lists:

1. Terms we defined as part of our discussion
2. The major themes of Mesopotamian cosmogony represented in the E-E
3. Clues about Mesopotamian culture and society that we have gleaned from the story

We will most likely review those lists toward the end of class tomorrow, so be ready to share yours.

Right now I am planning for an in-class writing on Monday in which I ask you to reflect on the E-E.

Enuma Elish Tablets 5-7

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