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Homework for Wednesday, September 16th

September 15, 2015


Thanks for a good class on Monday. As we discuss the text you should be noting the passages that we pause on. One assesment tool I will use is passage identification. On tests you will be asked to identify a text and state its importance. Those passages will always be ones that we discuss in class.

Using our review of the first lines of the Enuma Elish as a context, reread the first three tablets to gain a clearer understanding of the story. Once you have completed that task, please move on to Tablet #4 attached below. Keep in mind your continued work on cosmogony and every day life. Additionally, answer the following:

1. How does Marduk establish his pre-eminence over the others gods in the assembly?
2. How does Marduk kill Tiamat? Be as specific as possible.
3. What does Marduk do with Tiamat after killing her?

The Fourth Tablet of the Enuma Elish

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