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Homework for Monday, September 14

September 11, 2015

Happy week-end.

This week-end you will have your first experience reading a primary source.  To remind, the definition of a primary source is:
In conducting research, information collected firsthand from such sources as historical documents, literary texts, artistic works, experiments, surveys, and interviews.

Your assignment  is to read the first three tablets of the Enuma Elish and do the following:

1. Keep in the mind that it is a cultural story.

a. What can we tell about everyday  Babylonians from reading this text? How did they live, eat, fight, worship, and organize themselves?

b. What can we tell about the Babylonian cosmogony and shared was of thinking? Use the questions from last night’s assignment regarding religion and geography as a guide. Pay particular attention to humans’ relationship to the divine, although that will become more clear in the second half of the story.

2. What do you make of the repetition of text? Why do you think it is written in this way?

3. Be able to define the following terms:

a. Primeval
b. Primordial
c. Lamentation
d. Tablets of Destiny
e. Raiment
f. Obeisance
g. Incantation

4. Make a plot line of the story keeping in mind the “family tree” of the gods. I have posted a slide show which should help you keep the characters straight.

E-E family tree

The Enuma Elish Tablets 1-3

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