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Homework for Thursday, September 10

September 8, 2015

We have been spending the first week of Cities laying the groundwork for your comprehension of the major themes that are illuminated through the studying of ancient civilizations. We began today to scratch the surface of geography’s impact on how humans organize themselves in order to fulfill their most basic needs. To further understand how these themes apply to the Ancient Near East (A.N.E.) and to set a foundation for your understanding of its political history, I ask you tonight to create a map which shows the major cities, regions and geographical features of the area. While the locations of the rivers and cities are fairly straightforward, you will find plotting the regions a bit tricky. Some of the terms I have given you below refer to peoples whose empires waxed and waned throughout the period. As a result when you look them up on a map, you may find vastly different representations of the extent of their land depending on what time period the map references. Therefore what I would like you to do is the plot the name of their land as close to the origin or capital of the region as you can. I am most interested in you understanding from where, for instance, the Persians came from – not the complete extent of their eventual empire.

The exercise will be graded on a 40 point scale. You will receive one point each for the accuracy with which you place the 35 terms. You will receive an additional five points for your overall presentation. I strongly urge you to channel your best artistic skill in making the map neat and easy to read. Think first about how you will plot all the places before you start. I have given you a list of terms below and a blank map template you can print out. If you would like to find another template on line, you are welcome to do so. Just make sure it’s big enough to include all the places I’ve requested.

Ancient Near East map terms


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