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Homework for Friday, April 18

April 17, 2014

For tonight’s homework I would like you to read the attached file on the Greeks and do something a little different. Rather than answering questions tonight, I would like you to ask them. Please formulate four questions that best encapsulate the important points from tonight’s reading. I would encourage you to use previous posts to inspire your thought process. Each student will be asked to share his four questions in class tomorrow. Have fun.

Reading History #6 Ancient Greece.2

Also, I remind you that we will meet next Monday but not meet on Wednesday.

Homework for Wednesday, April 16

April 15, 2014

For homework please do the following in preparation for your in-class writing on Thursday.

1. Review the O’Brien essay. Identify the one or two most important themes of his essay. Focus particularly on what he concludes is a “true war story”.

2. Use O’Brien’s conclusion evaluate whether The Iliad  is a “true war story”. Choose passages in The Iliad that we have read and discussed in class which support your thesis.

Lastly, we will begin reading Gates of Fire next. Make sure you have a copy.

Homework for Tuesday

April 11, 2014

Please read the rest of the Iliad excerpts file – pgs. 38-51. Enjoy your week-end.




Homework for Thursday, April 10

April 9, 2014

From the file below, continue reading these excerpts from the Iliad. Keep in mind the themes from class and the plot line. We are picking up the story at the point the Trojans have attacked the Greeks and driven them back to their ships beached at the Hellespont. Achilles is still refusing to fight. His best friend Patroclus, fearing Greek doom, is petitioning Achilles to allow him to join the fight. These passages are excerpts from this conversation, Patroclus’ battle against the Trojans, and its aftermath.

Book 16, Lines 1-173 (PDF pgs. 19- 24)

Book 16, Lines 815-1017 (PDF pgs. 25-28)

Book 18, Lines 1-150 (PDF pgs. 29 – 32)


Homework for Wednesday, April 9

April 8, 2014

Keeping in mind that we are looking at the Iliad as both a war story and a cultural story, please read the two excerpts below. In addition to understanding the plot line, keep notes on the important elements that connect to the themes we discussed in class.

The first excerpt is the finish of the section we started listening to in class on Wednesday. You should read Book I, lines 119-220.

The second excerpt is among the first battle scenes of the Iliad. Pay special attention to Homer’s description of war. This section should be read and follows the first excerpt in the PDF. It is Book IV, lines 489-630.


Homework for Tuesday, April 8

April 4, 2014

Sorry, guys. Thin and grumpy won, although not by much.

In preparation for our beginning The Iliad  in class on Tuesday, please review the plot summary from this past week (posted again below) and familiarize yourself with the character list and description (also posted below). I want to hit the ground running on Tuesday, so please have a firm grasp of how and why the Trojan War started and at what point in the war The Iliad picks up the story. Additionally have available in class – either by printing the second file or by transcribing the characters into your notes – the names and relationships of the main characters so that you can refer to them while we are listening to the poem.

Happy week-end

Iliad context and summary

characters in the Iliad


Homework for Thursday, April 3

April 2, 2014

Tonight I would like you to complete two assignments. First please look at the thesis statements below that you wrote in class. Assess each for brevity and clarity and determine which best answers the question. Using that statement, write three bullet points using specific examples from the O’Brien text that would round out the answer. You may not choose your own thesis. I have attached the two power point slides from today to help remind you of DeMaistre’s background and the question you are trying to answer.

Second please read the other attached file which has some background on the Iliad. Take good reading notes and have a separate list of characters and their relationships to each other, along with the major plot points.

Thesis Statements

WK and JS

O’Brien disagrees with DeMaistre’s idea that war is divine and is the law of the world because war is immoral and evil. However, he agrees with the mystery and ambiguity of war along with the inexplicable attraction it carries because of its many beautiful but horrible events like Lemon’s death.

BS and RF

DeMaistre and O’Brien share the opinion of the attraction that war has. DeMaistre states that it possesses inescapable, mysterious glory and O’Brien backs this up with his claim of how it mystifies its beholders with its beauty and terror.

CR and ND

If O’Brien and DeMaistre discussed the nature of war, they would agree that it is a divine and inexplicable attraction due to its unique aesthetic beauty that can be seen nowhere else, and that it is “the law of the world” because it is a “grounding reality” that we all need. They would disagree about war’s glory because O’Brien believes that all “true” war stories have no glory, while DeMaistre believed that war has “mysterious glory” to it.

CA and DR

O’Brien and DeMaistre would disagree about the glory and law of war because O’Brien’s perspective of Vietnam, while both would have to agree about the inexplicable attraction to war.

JC and AT

If DeMaistre and O’Brien discussed war stories, they would agree because they both think war brings out human nature and emotion due to its inexplicable attraction and the stories it generates.


Iliad context and summary


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